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Automotive Window Tinting

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Mobile Unit Available - Call for details and mention Mobile unit.  2 or more cars - We'll come to you!

Cars - Trucks - Vans - RVs - Boats
Anything you can think of!

TINT IT can tint your windows from light to dark* -

or use security film for extra protection against theft for your valuables. 



What are the benefits of tinting your vehicle?

Solar heat control allowing for less use of your air conditioner in summer. 

99%UV ray protection.  This means reduced fading of your interior.

Reduces the glare from the sun in your baby's eyes in the back seat.

Keeps the vehicle cooler for your passengers (whether it's for your baby or your family pet, it's a great idea)!

*If your car is registered in NH, Tint It will only apply window film in accordance with NH law RSA 266:58-a.  This means no tint may be applied to the driver's door or passenger's door of any vehicle.  The tint, as applied to cars, may be no darker than 35%.  There are some exceptions (such as medical conditions) - so please ask.

Trucks & Vans


For your pickup truck, tinting the rear window will keep the sun off your neck, and reduce the glare from headlights in your rearview mirror.

Tinting your minivan offers more privacy for your passengers, reduces the glare from the sun, reduces the fading of your interior, and gives you piece of mind that not every one can see everything in your vehicle with just a passing glance.

Work vans generally carry a lot of expensive tools in them.  Tinting the windows offers privacy, along with the added protection against theft.  What they can't easily see, they won't easily steal! 


Like to go traveling, or camping??  Tinting the windows of your camper or RV has many benefits.  First, it offers privacy so you can see out during the day, but others cannot see in.  Second, tinting blocks 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays, so your interior will not become faded or sun damaged.  Third, tinting offers added protection against theft of your belongings.  Glass with window film applied will be more difficult to break and more likely to stay intact if broken.


Have a boat??  Tinting the windshield adds styleLook great this summer and stand out from the crowd!

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