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Is your storefront merchandise fading?

Are your employees boiling next to the window?

Is the glare on the computer screen unbearable?

Then solar control window film is for you.

Solar control window film reduces glare and saves on energy costs by reducing the amount of heat transmitted through the glass from the sun.  It also keeps out 99% of the harmful UV rays that fade your merchandise, carpet and furnishings.

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Worried someone will smash a window and grab the merchandise before the police arrive?

Security window films deter the "smash-and-grab".

Security window films come in clear to dark and reflective styles.  They deter theft by bonding with the glass and making entry difficult after breaking a window.  Glass with ProtektŪ window film applied is more likely to stay intact than a plain window when broken. 

Check out our Security films box in the left hand frame for more info.

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Or maybe you just want to dress up your windows and mirrors.

Decorative window film is the answer.

Decorative films offer a touch of elegance to any piece of glass.  There are many designs to choose from including ocean scenes, city skylines, flowers, geometric designs and more.

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